We just released our latest short film called HUEVOS: a dark comedy about a man who receives a mysterious proposition from his childhood crush. This was a ton of fun to make! It was the first time I directed a narrative that was written by someone else, in this case my hilarious friend Jason Gudasz. And despite having practically no budget we managed to have a cast and crew of over 30 people! Check it out:

Psychic Pstories Episode 3: Here and Now

Here and Now is the last episode of Psychic Pstories, and the first true narrative short film I've written/directed. I'm super happy with how it turned out thanks to an amazing cast and an amazinger crew. Here and Now has already received the Award of Recognition from IndieFEST and is being considered for over 15 other film festivals around the world.

The Somniloquist

When I found out that I talk in my sleep, I decided to start recording myself. So I placed a microphone over my bed and recorded my sleep talking nearly every night for a year. After combing through many hours of audio, I whittled down the funniest/strangest bits to showcase in this video.


So excited to finally be releasing this! Boundless is a short film created by Kirk Williams, Buddy Thomas, Ian Blei, and myself about pursuing your passion no matter what obstacles you encounter along the way. Check out for more info on the film and its amazing creators.

The Eclectic Costume Crusade 2014

The Eclectic Costume Crusade is an elaborate costumed scavenger hunt in Richmond, VA. 2014 was the second year this wacky event took place, and in addition to completing a variety of tasks such as group nose picking, thumb wrestling a cop, and a relay race with pants around ankles, participants could also complete several specialty goals which were written on yellow balloons hidden throughout the city.

Lotus Temple Rising

Here’s a Kickstarter video I made for an artist collective here in Boulder, Colorado. It was truly magical to be a part of this project and work alongside so many amazing people. Check out the video and the page, and if you decide to become a backer there are some beautiful rewards in store for you as well.

And a big shout out to Kirk with Birds Eye Optics for the killer helicopter shots at the end of the video!