We just released our latest short film called HUEVOS: a dark comedy about a man who receives a mysterious proposition from his childhood crush. This was a ton of fun to make! It was the first time I directed a narrative that was written by someone else, in this case my hilarious friend Jason Gudasz. And despite having practically no budget we managed to have a cast and crew of over 30 people! Check it out:


Just got back from FilmQuest in Utah, one of MovieMaker Magazine’s Top 50 Film Festival Worth the Entry Fee, and boy was it worth it! We had an awesome time promoting Canopy and watching other creepy films.


Come Cut My Hair!

After growing my hair out for a few years, I decided to let random people cut it however they wanted. Though it was the worst haircut I've ever gotten, it was by far the most fun.

Wrapped on HUEVOS!

Just wrapped production on a short comedy called HUEVOS! This was definitely the biggest and best crew I've had the privilege of working with. Big thanks to Jason Gudasz for writing an amazing script, and all of our awesomely talented actors, none of whom appear in this picture (oops). Lastly big thanks to Lily's Cocina for donating their food truck to be in our film.


Behind the Scenes: Canopy

We made a video about our video! Take a look behind the scenes to see how we made the music video Canopy for Night Idea.

Psychic Pstories Episode 3: Here and Now

Here and Now is the last episode of Psychic Pstories, and the first true narrative short film I've written/directed. I'm super happy with how it turned out thanks to an amazing cast and an amazinger crew. Here and Now has already received the Award of Recognition from IndieFEST and is being considered for over 15 other film festivals around the world.